How did we get started? In the Winter of 2009, Jennifer attended a "hummus and wine party" at a friend's house. At their holiday party that year, Jennifer thought their friends would enjoy a hummus and wine theme, but decided to make her own hummus instead of buying the store brand. The flavors of chick peas and fresh herbs was the hit of the night.

In May 2011, 3 Chicks and a P was born.

Jennifer and Matt have 2 children, Olivia and Sophia. When trying to decide on a name, Matt suggested 3 Chicks and a P. "You, Sophia and Olivia are 3 chicks and P stands for me...Paniccia." It was perfect.

Both Jennifer and Matt grew up in a house surrounded by food and family. It was only natural they decided to create a product that created an warm atmosphere with food, family and fun. 3 Chicks and a P specializes in fresh homemade hummus. We hope you share it, spread it and love it!

From our family to yours,

Matthew, Jennifer
Olivia and Sophia Paniccia