Our signature flavor, Garlic Breath, is not for the faint of heart. We load it with fresh garlic and with every purchase we make sure you go home with a pocket of mints. Don't eat this on your lunch break or your co-workers may leave the office early. And when you entertaining, make sure you leave out the mints.

The Italians know how to combine flavors and our Italian Herb is a marriage bursting with flavors of fresh chives, parsley and basil. Don't worry, we throw in some garlic, but only a hint.

Visit us at upcoming festivals and farmer's markets. Each week we will have a Flavor of the Week and we will take suggestions from our customers on what you may like to see. You never know, your recipe might just be tested and enjoyed by many hummus lovers. And when you buy 5 Flavors of the Week, you get your 6th one for FREE!

Here are some Flavors of the Week you can enjoy:

Roasted Red Pepper
Sun Dried Tomato and Roasted Pine Nuts
JalapeƱo and Cilantro
Black Bean
Garlic and Chives